Chomping At The Bits

Windows Tools I Use

NOTE: As of 2013, I no longer use Windows… so this post is a bit dated.

This is a living document of Applications you will find on my Windows OS:

FileZilla – great FTP client and server

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Dropbox – File syncs and backups
Launchy – application launcher
LightScreen – replacement for snip it
Foobar 2000 – music player replacement open source image editor
VLC – Media player
SumatraPDF – lightweight pdf viewer
Ninite – mass installer of basic apps
pidgin – chat client
utorrent – torrent tool
steam – game platform
putty -
winSCP -
imgBurn – burns my iso files
7zip – compression tool
OpenOffice – haven’t found anything I use in MS office that this can’t replace.
Cdex – program to help with personal backups of CD’s
DVDShrink -program to help with personal backups of DVD’s