Chomping At The Bits

OSX Tools I Use

ClamXav – antivirus
Evernote – for note taking
Handbrake – for media conversion
LibreOffice – for working on office docs… though starting to use Keynote for presentations
Onyx – mac maintenance app
VLC – for watching media on the mac
Vox – nice clean music player
Transmission – for bittorrent
ImageOptim – image compression
WriteRoom – for writing

Adium – for XMPP and stuff
Colloquy – for IRC
CyberDuck – for FTPness
Firefox – for browsing
Opera – for fast browsing
Call Recorder – for recording Skype calls
Chicken of the VNC – for remoting

Sublime Text – text editor
Postgres App – best way to run postgres on osx
TextMate – Editing things
VMWare Fusion to virtualize things
iterm2 – cooler terminal